Friday, February 19, 2010

Fear Journal

When I was younger, what scared me most was the dark, and being lost. I think being scared of the dark is something almost every kid has experienced, and it is also shown in Lord of the Flies. I can't recall one specific time when I was afraid of the dark, but instead there has been a lot of times, apparently not scary enough for me to remember. I do remember one time I was lost though. I was 5, and my family and I went to the Renaissance Fair in Minnesota. The day was going well, and we were all walking together to see different attractions. At one stop however, I was more fascinated than my family was, and stayed there when the rest of my family left. When I was finally ready to leave, I looked for my family, but no one was there. I kept looking around, and as I continued to search I got more and more nervous. I kept looking around faster and faster, to the point where I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. Looking back on this, I realized that the only thing that made it as terrible as it was was the fear that I created myself. It grew on me, to the point where it was working against me. This kind of relates to the beast that the boys create in Lord of the Flies, because what starts out as a small "thing", later turns into a monstrous beast. The fear that they create keeps building upon itself, creating more and more problems throughout the story.


  1. I got lost in a grocery store and it was a bad experience, kind of like this.

  2. I got lost at afton alps once. It was scary, kind of like this.

  3. I was scared of the dark, but that was when I was a little boy. Now it doesn't scare me, I now know that there is nothing lurking in the shadows.